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Most Common Issues with Domains & Subdomains

You might not be alone! We have put together solutions to the most common issues people are running into. We could well have an answer for you right here! Have a browse.

Can I use a domain name I registered with another company?

You can indeed host a domain name registered with another company with us as long as you set our name servers for your domain first. The DBL name servers are: ns1.digitalbusinesslounge.com & ns2.digitalbusinesslounge.com.

If you use GoDaddy, you can read more about the topic in this article.

Propagating - when will my domain start working

24 to 48 hours - Name server changes usually take 24 to 48 hours to fully start working. This period, called propagation, is the projected length of time it takes for root name servers and cache records across the entire web to be updated with your website's DNS information

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