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Types of Websites on DBL

Blank WordPress Site

By selecting this option, you will install a fresh WordPress website. You will be able to add and change your theme and create all of your own content. You will have the default WordPress theme as standard while having the option to select a new theme from our theme library or upload a theme yourself.

Authority Site

By selecting this option, you will install a WordPress website that is pre-populated with SFM content. The SFM authority site theme will be installed, including widgets and layouts. Only select this option if you wish to use this site as your SFM authority site.

What is an authority site?

An authority site is a website that you use to build your personal brand, gain traction online and funnel traffic into your marketing systems.

It is called an authority site because its job is to do just that - help you become an authority in your chosen area.

One of the most powerful ways to achieve this is by offering value on your site. Free giveaways and quality information on your blog are two effective ways to provide this value.

TidyURL Custom

By selecting this option, you will not be installing a website. Instead you will be creating an installation that will allow you to use your own domain as a link shortener/creator.

For example, if you install TidyURL Custom on the domain www.myhouse.com, you will be able to use www.myhouse.com to create your own links.

Rather than sending someone a long link like www.housesthathavealongdomain.com/thisdomainiswaaytoolonganduglyfornewhomes, you could use TidyURL Custom to create the link www.myhouse.com/newhomes.

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